Eager Hope, Sincere Encourage

Industry News | 2015-04-30 | Print
Vanward Gas and Electric landing on SMSE stock market in Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SSE), is one big success by Foshan municipal Party committee and Foshan Municipal Government on enterprise listing strategy. Mr. Ni Quanhong, assistant secretary general of Foshan Municipal Government, during the address highly praised the achievement Vanward gained for years, warmly congratulated Vanward Gas and Electric listing successfully, eagerly hoped Vanward could speed up enterprise development from this chance of listing and repay investors and return to society with much outstanding achievement and to make more effort to Foshan economic development.

For Shunde enterprises, the listing of Vanward Gas and Electric is a good lead and sample. Mr. Lie Haijian, member of prefecture committee and standing committee, secretary of Party and Labor Committee of Ringgui Streets, expressed that Vanward landing on capital market would blow the bugle of Shunde enterprises marching into capital market, and Shunde prefecture committee and district government would strength support in every way and promote more Shunde enterprises to be listed financing within 4 years and form ‘Shunde plate’ in capital market.