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Solar Collector


Solar collector can absorb heat by absorbing sunlight and it also can be used to pass heat to other media, like water or air. It is an important component for low-temperature floor heating system to provide heat for the entire heating system. It can be divided into roof type and balcony type.


1. Roof type China solar thermal collector
2. Balcony type solar thermal collector


1. Long working life and good stability
2. Different structures to match well with the buildings
3. It is easy to maintain solar collector because of simple structure.
4. It is anti-freezing and it can defrost and melt snow.
5. It will provide clean water, which is good for health.
6. Energy-saving and eco-friendly


1. If the China solar thermal collector’s coating comes off, please repair it immediately. All the brackets and pipes should be painted once a year to avoid corrosion.
2. If circulatory system stops, internal temperature of solar collector will rise. What’s worse, it will damage coating, make insulation layer deform and even cause glass’s crack. When circulatory system stops, please these things. Please check whether circular access is blocked, whether there is shortage of cold water in natural circulatory system, whether water in hot water tank is lower than upper circulation pipe.

Package, Transportation and Payment:

Package: we use foam inside and five-layer paper box outside to protect China solar thermal collector. It has passed the drop test.
Transportation: by sea
Payment: letter of credit, telegraphic transfer