Vanward’s heat pump wined this award again in 2010-2011 after the V107 gas water heater

Industry News | 2015-04-30 | Print
On January 12, the second “Hong Ding Award” held by opened in Beijing, Vanward’s heat pump wined this award again in 2010-2011 after the V107 gas water heater. It is learned that the product list of the “Hong Ding Award” is selected by users’ investigate, voted via website, and voted by the professional etc. Finally, there are nine products from the famous brand are selected, which includes Vanward KR23/200Y-A heat pump, Sharp LCD TV LCD-60LV925A, Sweden XTZ sound box 99.26、LG Dust collector V-KC902CES,SAMSUNG washer WF0804W8E etc. As the leader in domestic gas appliance field, Vanward is always advance in the product innovation. In recent years, the society concerns the low carbon continuously and the requirement of energy-saving of the country, Vanward begin to move into new energy field. The main part and the water tank of the heat pump which wined the award this time are integrated design, with the sole gas auxiliary heating function, it can be auto switch between gas heating and heat pump.The function makes the water heater can suit to low temperature climate and the family which needs much water, saving more energy, and the water heater can be used in more region.To use the advance heat expansion valve, it can auto adjust the pressure of the compressor in the high temperature, so that the compressor will not damage for the reason of over-heated, and the life of the product can be longer; function of the instant heating and supply the heat continuously can meet the need of hot water and supplying heat; The advantage control technology, with the function of timing on/off and sterilization, keep the user from worry of safety, the temperature of the water outlet can be set with the wide range of 40-60℃ In the new energy field, the research of the solar panel water heater has achieved remarkable result. Comparing the vacuum tube, the installation of the solar panel is more convenient, the heat efficiency is higher, it is more safety, the life of the product is longer, and it can match the requirement of energy saving.