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Indoor cooking equipments refer to devices and tools placed in the kitchen or used for cooking, including stoves and ventilation equipment. With the development of processing and material, a growing number of high-tech materials furnish the indoor kitchen. We supply gas stoves, ovens and range hoods.

Types of Indoor Cooking Equipment:

1. Gas Stove
2. Built-in Oven
3. Range Hood

Advantages of Gas Stoves

1. It is convenient to use.
2. Indoor cooking equipment is easy to install.
3. It is environment friendly and with low energy consumption.

Notes of Gas Stoves

1. Check the cookers periodically, since gas leakage is dangerous.
2. Avoid scratching gas stoves, ovens and range hoods with sharp objects.
3. It is high suggested not to use corrosive cleaner.
4. Clean in time to avoid accumulation of dirties.